"Why choose Homecare Planning Solutions?"

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Why choose HPS?

Why should you choose HPS to handle your Medicaid application?
Because HPS streamlines the Medicaid application process, saving you time, money and hassle. Consider these facts:

Applying for Medicaid is a complex, time-consuming process: The rules change often, and the financial eligibility criteria are very complicated. Researching Medicaid application requirements is a time-consuming and tedious process, and it can take weeks or months to find out what documents are needed, obtain those documents, and figure out how to meet financial eligibility requirements.

Every day you wait to apply for Medicaid can cost you hundreds of dollars in home care and nursing home costs: Generally, people who require home care are incapable of applying for Medicaid themselves, and require the help of loved ones who have busy schedules of their own. The longer it takes to complete the Medicaid application process, the more people pay out-of-pocket for home care and nursing home care.

If you have income or assets that exceed Medicaid’s limits, you will need professional guidance to determine the best strategy for you to become financially eligible for Medicaid: There are many options available for restructuring your finances in a way that will make you eligible for Medicaid. But these options are intricate and confusing. (Are IRAs considered assets? What about IRAs that are in payout status? If my income is $200 over Medicaid’s eligibility limit, what should I do? Is it better to open a trust or participate in the excess income program?) Many times financial and legal transactions are involved.These actions should never be performed without professional help.

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  • “I needed help with my Medicaid application, I am so happy I found HPSNY. They walked me through every step and even arranged home care while my application was pending. Thanks again, I don’t know what I would have done without you”. – Margie S. Brooklyn